Frequently Asked Questions

An e-bike essentially is a bicycle, that has an electric (battery powered) motor to assist with peddling, No licence or special skills (other than the ability to ride a bicycle) No registration is required as e-bikes are considered bicycles by Vicroads. E-bikes ride, turn  and stop just like conventional bicycles. Our e-bikes travel at speeds equivalent to that of a conventional bicycle, they’re more about the “ease” than the “Speed”. When you’re riding an e-bike, it feels as if you could ride forever uphill or down! They’re easy, they’re fun, they make you smile, It’s all the joy of cycling without the Huff and Puff!

No! They say it’s just like riding a bike. Our bikes’ power assistance features operate completely automatically, so they ride just like a normal bike but without any of the “huff and puff.”

No Licence is required! Our bikes are classified as a “BICYCLE” regulated and approved by Vicroads.

Essentially YES. Our bikes meet and exceed all strict Australian safety standards and are fastidiously maintained. The pre activity safe operating instructions also minimise risk and instill confidence. As with all outdoor adventure activities there is some inherit risk. You could fall off your bike. The tour is also completely guided and your tour guide will be there for your support with safety as priority.

Speeds are equivalent to that of a “normal” bicycle. The electric power assistance system is automatically disabled at 25kph. Our bikes are as easy and safe to ride as a “normal” bike. We ride along at a leisurely 12-15kph with very little human effort required at all really.

Modern Australian safety standards approved helmets are provided free of charge and will be correctly fitted. Enclosed footwear is a must and sensible, comfortable clothing is highly recommended.

No. The brushless electric motors are virtually silent our guests are often rewarded for travelling in silence and it’s always quite surprising how much we get to see than as if we were riding a motor bike fitted with a noisy combustion engine.

Our awesome e-bikes for kids suit on average 8-14 year olds or apx. 125cm-150cm. Our Adult bikes are for minimum height of 150cm with a maximum weight limit of 120 kgs per rider and a total combined maximum weight of up to two children restrained in a tow along trailer is 45 kgs. Those with a heart condition or pregnant women are advised to seek professional medical advice before activity participation.

About 1.5 hrs. This includes check in and pre activity instructions.

We utilise a section of the “Old Beechy Rail Trail” from Beech Forest to Ferguson.

Our Beech Forest – Ferguson return ride is approximately 10 km in total.

We operate up to 4 tours daily. 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

The John Gardner Reserve in Beech Forest, right in the middle of town. There is a car park, toilets, playground, shelter and free BBQ available.

YES. The Otway Ranges is a cool climate rainforest, with Victoria’s highest annual rainfall at 2040mm and the highest number of “rain days” per year, averaging more than 200. Regular rainfall plays a major role in making this special place so special. We love and embrace the rain.

Tours will NOT commence on “Code Red Fire Danger Rating days” or when wind gusts are exceeding 55 km/h or when lighting has been detected within a 20km radius within 30 mins of the tour commencing. Tours may be delayed or rescheduled in such conditions.

We will do our best to reschedule in the event that a tour is cancelled due to weather reasons out of yours or our control. If both operator and guest/s fail to find a suitable time to reschedule you may be issued a refund.

We are human beings! Please talk to us about your changing needs and we will do our best to reschedule. Of course this is subject to tour availability.