electric bicycle tours

Looking for things to do in the Otways ? Check out Otway e bikes. Ride electric power assisted bicycles along the beautiful Old Beechy Rail Trail on a guided tour. We are genuine human beings who enjoy communicating with others, so please give us a call or send an email. Be our guest. To book your tour; Send a Booking Enquiry or for all enquiries text or call Nathan 0413 971 736.

Otway e bikes provide great value and great fun for your entire family !

All under 18s riders only $10 ea with participating adult

We believe that all children under 18 years are children and should be charged as children. $10 ea only.

1 x Free trailer available for each booking with 2 or more Adult Riders

A few good reasons to take a tour

There’s a lot more of course but here’s three.


Awesome, easy to ride e-bikes

The fully integrated electric power assist functions completely automatically, it’s as easy as riding a bike!


Gorgeous views & great value

Ride effortlessly through naturally regenerating rainforest and take in stunning Otway ridgeline views, on a guided, interpretive tour at a rate that’s just great!


Genuine Eco-Tourism

Otway e bikes enjoys a positive and progressive relationship with local shire and “friends groups” we contribute directly to local revegetation, beautification and public facilities and access improvements, we support our community, our guests and our friends and it’s you who support us! So thanks and please keep us in mind when you are thinking of things to do in the Otways.



Looking for Accommodation?

There’s some great accommodation venues in the Otways.
We suggest you have a look at these local accommodation sites.

Otways Accommodation &/or Great Ocean Road Accommodation.

I support sea shepherd
We support Sea Shepherd and the Great Forest National Park Defenders of our oceans and forests
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